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Innovation for Jobs: How did 'internetworking' become THE INTERNET? (with Vint Cerf)

Vint Cerf: How ‘internetworking’ became THE INTERNET

26th Nov 2014

  ‘New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs’ is a series by i4j (Innovation for Jobs) and the GPA exploring perspectives on important topics that will impact the future of work, jobs...

i4j DC Paris 2014 report cover

i4j DC Paris Report: How To Disrupt Unemployment

22nd Nov 2014

“HOW TO DISRUPT UNEMPLOYMENT” i4j DC OCTOBER 13-14 2014 the national academy of sciences, washington dc, u.s. organizers: vint cerf and david nordfors, google / iiij i4j PARIS SEPTEMBER 6...


Why Innovation is Becoming the Introduction of New Common Language

08th Nov 2014

We can not innovate faster than we can introduce new shared language. This is hard logics, it needs no analytics to be proven true. Because every innovation needs a name, so we can...


i4j Request for Comments: Defining Where New Jobs Come From

03rd Nov 2014

By Robert Cohen, Ph.D., Economic Strategy Institute i4j DC – Innovation for Jobs Summit, October 2014 The table here below shows competing stories about the current technological transformation and how...

Innovation for Jobs: Why?

Why Innovation For Jobs?

01st Nov 2014

Vint Cerf and David Nordfors share ideas about the future of jobs and the i4j Innovation for Jobs Summit. A video made by Johnny Boston, award-winning film producer.

New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs

New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs (video)

27th Oct 2014

  ‘New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs’ is a series by i4j (Innovation for Jobs) and the GPA exploring perspectives on important topics that will impact the future of work, jobs...

Hugh McGrory, Chief Innovation Officer, CultureShock

Hugh McGrory: An Emphormatic Approach To Employment #i4jDC

22nd Oct 2014

By Hugh McGrory, Chief Innovation Officer, CultureShock Comment from i4j DC Current strategies and processes around employment (and education) are heavily skewed in favor of logical, mathematical and linguistic capabilities to...

i4j oecd google iiij

Governments Need Policies Combining Innovation and Jobs

01st Sep 2014

This piece was written ahead of the i4j Paris Summit, co-organized by OECD, Google and IIIJ in September 2014. Governments need policies combining innovation and jobs, but it’s challenging to spend...


PEW: AI, Robotics, and the Future of Jobs

11th Aug 2014

The Pew Institute has published a nice report on “AI, Robotics, and the  of Jobs”. The report is a long series of quotes by innovation gurus answering the question if AI and...

i4j Chairs Vint Cerf and David Nordfors


23rd Jul 2014

Some say all jobs may be automated. Perhaps next thing consumption will be automated, too, and then we are really in trouble. Seriously, something does not make sense with this...

I4J Summit 2014 - Jerry Michalski

i4j Menlo Park: Jerry Michalski

17th Jul 2014

“…we are entering an economy of relationships where we need trust and authentic relationships.” Jerry Michalski, Founder, Relationship Economy eXpedition (REX) Founder of REX (Relationship Economy eXpedition) Consumer mass market capitalism...

I4J Summit 2014 - Sven Otto Littorin

i4j Menlo Park: Sven Otto Littorin

17th Jul 2014

“How can we make sure people, that we actually know what people know and how can we make sure that people keep on learning things over the course of their...

I4J Summit 2014 - Gene Lim

i4j Menlo Park: Gene Lim

17th Jul 2014

“You have a unique culture where students, mentors, and thought leaders working at companies and other organizations come together and they’re really communal about it, they collaborate together.” Gene Lim,...

I4J Summit 2014 - Mikko Kosonen

i4j Menlo Park: Mikko Kosonen

17th Jul 2014

“Our (sitra) role, mission by the (Finnish) Parliament is to challenge the government…be a change agent in the country.” Mikko Kosonen, President of Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund PresidentofSitra Sitra...

I4J Summit 2014 - Richard Allan Horning

i4j Menlo Park: Richard Allan Horning

17th Jul 2014

“What I’m talking about is…the discouraging of people who have talent, who have industry, who can create wealth, who can create jobs from coming here.” Richard Allan Horning, Attorney at...

I4J Summit 2014 - Ken Gabriel

i4j Menlo Park: Ken Gabriel

17th Jul 2014

“I’m interested in challenging this group to come up with new ways of accrediting skills that someone has acquired.” Ken Gabriel, Deputy Director, Advanced Technology and Project Education and lifelong...

I4J Summit 2014 - John Furrier

i4j Menlo Park: John Furrier

15th Jul 2014

“We cover all those little issue around technology and how it impacts society.” John Furrier, Founder and CEO of SiliconANGLE.com Silicon ANGLE that focuses on technologies impact on society Technology...

I4J Summit 2014 - YvesDoz

i4j Menlo Park: Yves Doz

14th Jul 2014

Yves Doz, Professor of Technological Innovation at the INSEAD Graduate Business School “The main expectation on my part is innovation comes from multiple strands or steams of knowledge coming together...

I4J Summit 2014 - Carol Dahl

i4j Menlo Park: Carol Dahl

14th Jul 2014

“We think invention is a critical part of the economy and a way to actually create businesses and create jobs for the future.” Carol Dahl, Executive Director of The Lemelson...

I4J Summit 2014 - Heather Munroe-Blum

i4j Menlo Park 2014: Heather Munroe-Blum

14th Apr 2014

“If you want to have whole-scale culture change, start by having some successful experiments that are exciting and engage people from the sectors that can make a difference.” Heather Munroe-Blum,...